Puntland State of Somalia:- Statement on the unprovoked Acts of Somaliland

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Puntland State of Somalia: Office ofthe President, STATEMENT ON ‘l’HE UNPROVOKED ACTS OF A(;GRESSION OF SOOMAIILAND


As is well known to both the people of Somalia and the International Community on the 8th January 201 8, and coinciding with the visit of the President of the Federal Government of Somalia, H.E. Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, a calous and unprovoked attack had been launched on the region of Sool by forces
under the authority ofthe Somaliland entity. This comes at a time when Somaliland had been already illegally occupying swathes of territory belonging to the Puntland State of Somalia.

As we all know, the President of Somaliland has previouly announced his policy of delibrately provoking armed conflict in disputed areas in a cynical bid to restore legitimacy for the colonial era borders of the defunct historic British Somaliland.

Consequently, on this day, 14 May 2018, the President of Samaliland has irresponsibly ordered his forces to to launch an unprovoked attack on territoy belonging to Puntland for a second time, all the while he continues to mislead the people of Somaliland by stating that he is fulfulling his previous electoral campaign pledges. This cynical policy of armed aggression represents clear proof of the hostility of the
regime in North Westem Somalia.

For a lengthy period time, PunUand has been striving to avon the shedding of innocent Somali blood. Furthermore, Puntland has long been striving to preserve peace and to promote the reconciliation of the Somali people, in addition to the restoration ofjust governance throughout he country. For these reasons, Puntland has acted responsibly and demonstrated restraint in he face of constant provocation, and persistent hostility and the atbcks unfortunately emenating from Hargeisa.

For his reason, he Government of Puntland is committed to responding robuslly to any attack on either the territory or people of Puntland. Furhermore, PunUand shall no longer tolerate any farther attack or preperations for attack initiated by the regime in Hargeisa.

The Government of Puntland makes clear to all of the people of Somaliland, indeed all omer Somalis, and the International Community hat Puntland has no intention of launching attacks or perpetrating any act of violence that may tnjur either public calm or the common good of the Somali people.

Lastly, the Government of Puntland ecourages its people to strive hard in the protection oftheir
commununal tranquility, whilst at the same time being aware of all that may injur their treasured peace and sense of public calm


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