Seven Indim Sailors Freed in Somalia

Posted Date: 01 Nov 2014   in: news,Somalia     0 Comments

Barely Survived Somalia Pirate Hostage ordeal of Four years: The remaining seven hostages of the original 15 men crew – all Indian nationals – of Panama flagged. UAE owned MT ASPHALT, were finally freed by their captors against a ransom and arrived in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, from where they will be flown directly to India.

Though in quiet poor health, they expressed joy to return home.
The sailors’ families had tried during all the four years to push for a speedy release process – but to no avail. Government officials, the shipowner, the usual lot of ransom dealers and not at least a layered web of Somali pirates and “investors” delayed the process, though the seven hostages had appealed even to the Prime Minister of India, the President and the Leader of the Opposition for help through a staged video.


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